One of the most important things you can do is improve upon your SEO knowledge, regardless of what stage you are at with online marketing. There are so many undiscovered tactics and strategies in Internet marketing – even old IM dogs learn new tricks everyday. As long as you are new to this business, you fall into your own special category. This isn’t like learning brain surgery, however there will be a learning curve which will seem more like a vertical line to those just learning. The SEO knowledge that you obtain should be carefully used to plan out the first website that you do. Regardless of what method you choose, take the same approach with every site that you make.

Title tags used to be just for SEO, search marketing and for the search engines. This is not the truth anymore. The reason this shift has happened is because of social media. For example, any time a site or page is shared on social media, what do you think shows up for that page? Yep, it is the all important title tag, which is the primary reason that you use the most highly relevant keyword phrases from that page or that home page. It’s also important to note (and this is also about the title tag’s original intention) that Google weighs each mention of your page on social media in terms of how to rank your website.

If you are working with the title tags and to compose something that is relevant and meaningful, you need to keep the length of that thing in mind. You want to keep it no more than roughly seventy characters. In fact, it’s in your best interest to simply aim at the upper limit but not allow yourself to go past it because going past it is just a huge waste of time. It is important that your information to be displayed so that readers can connect with it. If it goes over, then the search engines are just going to leave out the part that goes over the limit. This means that web surfers and others simply won’t get to see it so it holds no value. Plus… you do not want to make a long list of phrases and hope to try to catch them all. Every page is extremely optimized for one primary phrase as well as a few secondary phrases and others that you probably won’t ever be able to guess it.

As you compose each page’s title tags, it’s important to figure out which tag is the best for that page. So, now you know about the length requirement and won’t use more than seventy characters. But don’t just fill up that space with keyword phrases unless your keyword phrase is a long-tail keyword phrase. So, you just need to use your primary phrase and then write out something that is relevant–don’t waste time with the domain name. If you have the space you can use your secondary phrase for the page. You could also include something super catchy and grab ’em by the collar with your words right from the start. Figuring out title tags isn’t that hard because they’re relatively simple and have very few rules. If you haven’t yet learned very much about the particulars of SEO, now is the time to change this. There are lots of great ebooks you can find on the subject but do make sure you are learning from the most credible resources you can find.