Deciding to go the way of search engine optimization is a serious choice, and then you have to be prepared to do what is needed. You will find that this page optimization that gets talked about may seem mysterious at first, but there is really nothing to it once you understand. Yes, it does take planning, effort and good execution, but that’s what quality SEO is all about, and when you get your site ranked for your desired keyword, you’ll know for a fact that you made it. What we have been talking about are what is called, on page SEO factors, and they cannot be left out of the equation.

Keyword optimization is another aspect of the on-page you will need to become adept at handling, but no worries because it is easy. In order for Google and the rest to do their jobs, they have to know that you are doing yours with your content and market. One way to let the search bot readers know what they page is about is through keyword bold fonts. Only use the amount that you think would not be a hindrance to the reader as they go through your content.

People will read longer content if it is good, interesting and provides value to them. But do not sacrifice SEO just for your readers, or the other way around; it is not hard to incorporate your keywords into good content. What you can experience is more powerful SEO results and traffic with excellent content that is a lot longer. You see, nobody hangs around and reads bad content, so Google sees the low stay times and that is not good for you. Now you know what needs to be done with your articles and blog posts, and you can further refine that, too.

If you’re including images on your web page, then you have to include your keyword in the alt text of the image. Search engines don’t read the images, but they do read the alt tag which means you shouldn’t forget to optimize the images on your page in the best possible way.

You may have to go back and add these alt tags, but it is worth it to make surer you do it. You will find that some people who want to rank are unaware of this, and that is not something we advise you to do, here.

There is no hard science involved with SEO for on-page, and that is why we do not understand why more people do not use it. SEO is certainly not for everybody because it takes time to give results. You can do this and do well if you are willing to put the effort into the process. Apply the on page SEO techniques that we discussed here, and aim at getting top rankings for your targeted keyword.