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SEM is online strategies used to promote web pages inducing users at large scale view a particular website. It promotes a particular website and increases the visibility of Search Engine Result Pages, shortly known as SERP. The need for SEM started way long back in the mid – to late 1990’s where big business concerns needed an online marketing giant and SEM and SEO weren’t strong enough then, at least not until 2006.


The growth of SEM and SEO:

Earlier the user would type words and search a particular, and the search engine would send a spider to crawl through and check websites that have relevance with the search. It took all the time in the world and was undoubtedly a tiring experience. Here the entry of SEM seemed life-saving. Though Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM) are often misunderstood to be synonymous, there actually is a thin line of difference between the two. SEM  is a broader term which incorporates SEO. Search Engine Marketing employs the Search Engine Optimization technique to rewrite and adjust the content it contains. So SEO plays the role of an architect, etching out the content that SEM contains.

No two clients looking for SEM is similar in nature. SEM can adopt either local optimization or organic optimization. Mostly the term SEO represents an organic optimization. The local optimization largely functions on PPC that is pay per click also known as paid inclusions. The results are opinionated and narrow the search down to a specific location reducing the options of the user. Whereas in the organic optimization the search goes on a large database and the user gets to see a larger picture of whatever he searches. However, a local search has its own benefits. It all depends on what the user is looking for.

Hats to the sport:

The internet slangs “Black Hat” and “White Hat” came into existence when the SEO practice reached a peak point. As the colors quickly signify White represents if it is legal and black represents if it is lethal.

White hats, also known as tiger teams and sneaker, refer to those computer hackers who employ tools to do a ‘penetration testing.’ This penetration testing helps him ensure the safety of the organizations’ information systems, so the other way round if the hacker doesn’t possess legal entry then it means he spots a black hat. In most countries black hats if caught are heavily penalized. As the age old saying goes, any technology has its boon and bane it all depends on who uses it!


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