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What is a PBN?

Private Blog Network is a collection of domains that an individual owns. You can own a private blog network both with free blogs or self-hosted blogs. But a PBN with self-hosted blogs ranks better because free blog domains do not hold control as much as self-hosted blogs do.  In most cases expired domains are used to build a private blog network. Expired domains are ones that are forsaken by a webmaster, who once took care it. The existing registration expires, and a new registration can be made at a considerable cost. Obviously, the buyer is trying to cash-in on the already existing goodwill of the domain, that might increase his rankings.

How safe is PBN?

In 2014, Google started penalizing the users of Private Blog Networks. This was the same reason why webmasters had to stay away from public blog networks. Google can simply purchase a link and can backtrack your network completely. In a well-built PBN, every domain is independently protected preventing from one domain leading to the other. So if a network is tracked and de-indexed, then it simply means the rules weren’t followed. Though after 2014 there were not many issues regarding PBN being penalized and de-indexed. It is always important to build a safe Private Blog Network. So owners of PBN should make sure they possess only self-dependent, authoritative websites and follow the rules.

How does it work?

Initially, the story of a Private Blog Network could seem confusing and might raise a lot of questions. Though the steps to create a safe and successful PBN is quite tedious, it a powerful at the hands of a webmaster. PBN is also a significant component in search engine optimization. Using a safe PBN will help you rank better, own your backlinks and eventually at a point helps you hold a high authority domain. The most important thing with a PBN is that you don’t leave footprints that can track you back. Be unique.

Are they worth anymore?

As it is said earlier, Private Blog Networks play a key in optimizing search engines and of course increasing your rankings. People were scared to employ PBN as they feared that someone could watch their trail. But a safely built PBN that’s unique and has followed the rules of building a network will leave no footprints. So PBNs are worth your time and investment, you have to keep an on the safety point though.

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